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Stupid Krap's latest artist interviews, news and releases.

Wizardskull releases 3 new print editions

Aaron Craig


WizardSkull is a self taught artist, beard champion and zine creator living in Brooklyn, New York. We recently caught up with him to ask about his new limited edition prints, his take on consumerist culture, and his relationship with Ronald McDonald.

Tell us about the three images you're releasing for your new Stupid Krap editions. 
Kanye Duck: I can't really explain this, but I was really into drawing ducks at the time.
BUY 'Kanye Duck' HERE

 Kanye Duck by Wizardskull

Kanye Duck by Wizardskull

Pink Bart: I made a Pink Papa Smurf, and was thinking of other cartoons to make pink, and I was really into the idea of Pink Bart because there are so many bootleg Black Barts out there.
BUY 'Pink Bart' HERE

 Pink Bart by Wizardskull

Pink Bart by Wizardskull

Homorboros: What you love can consume you in a never ending cycle.
BUY 'Homorboros' HERE

 Homorboros by Wizardskull

Homorboros by Wizardskull

How did the name Wizardskull come about?
I really like Wizards. For a short time I was drawing a wizard skull over and over. I got tired of the image, but I still liked the name so I kept going with just that.

Tell us about your art making process.
My art making response consists of avoiding all my responsibilities and any type of social interaction to devote all my time to working on whatever I feel like at the moment.

What are your feelings towards capitalism and the consumerist culture that we live in?
Im hoping apartment buildings have McDonalds installed in them soon.

 Ronald & Wizard by Wizardskull

Ronald & Wizard by Wizardskull

You've used Ronald McDonald a lot in your work. What are your earliest memories of him growing up as a child, and what are your thoughts about him now as an adult?
My earliest memories are of getting to eat at McDonalds, which was a special treat, because they had the playground which was really awesome, and the happy meal toys! My thoughts as of now are that he rules, he is my friend!

Tell us about the series you've been doing by painting onto animation cells - where did you find them and how has it informed your work?
I search all over for the animation cels, comic conventions, art auction houses, random people. Most of my work is taking cartoons or movies from my childhood and reworking the imagery or meaning, so it feels like natural progression to go from drawing mutated smurfs, or ronald as he-man, to be taking it a step further and altering the original animation cels. These things were apart of my childhood and now my art is apart of them.

Tell us about your studio/art-making environment.
I've always worked out of my bedroom, the last year all my art was created in a windowless small room which I also lived in, so my bed, sheets, clothes had paint on it. But for the last few months I have been working out of ConArtist Collective which is a gallery/co-working space in the lower east side.

Are you a collector?  If so, what kind of things do you collect?
Right now I am mostly collecting animation cels from my favorite cartoons, but also ones that I think just look cool.

What kind of person collects the work of Wizard Skull?
Recently it's been all animators who are into the animation cels.

What projects do you have coming up soon?
I have a lot of upcoming projects, they are mostly personal projects and there is a lot I want to make. I'm destroying new animation cels, working on comics, taking some of my favorite drawings and turning them into toy sculptures, making some new zines for upcoming conventions.

~ Interviewed by Ben Frost

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