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Bafcat releases a new hand-embellished screenprint

Aaron Craig

Bafcat is a Sydney based street artist inspired by the magical nature of the world, the mysterious and supernatural. Mixing animals and human-like creatures, bright colours and shapes, to create a weird world of characters. The works have a fun playful feel which comes from Bafcat’s style of laying paint down.

We caught up with him prior to dropping his latest release to ask about his characters, his collaborations with Jumbo, and his own art collection.

SK: Tell us about the image you've used for this new screenprint release.
Bafcat: The image I created for the release is a combination of human and animal which has been a strong theme in my work lately. This combination I feel creates a magical element thats harks back to times where magic was more common. The man and snake represent good and evil.

 'Snake Wzrd' by Bafcat

'Snake Wzrd' by Bafcat

SK: What’s the origin of the name Bafcat?
B: The name Bafcat comes from my favourite novel by Cormac McCarthy, ‘The Blood Meridian’, a brutal novel about cowboys that has never left my mind. Originally the name was Bathcat in the novel due to putting a cat in water and it goes crazy. I feel my personality is a bit like that, dropping an ‘f’ in the word just felt like I was bringing the name up to date.

SK: If I was to visit the environment/dimension that your characters inhabit what would it be like?
B: I think of my characters living in the 8th dimension, on Earth but hiding in solid forms, a mirror image of the world around us but the mirror is warped and things are not what they seem.

SK: Do these characters represent a part of yourself or the world that we live in?
B: My characters represent everything and anything, from the world we live in to the past world and future world and also worlds that do not exist. I let my imagination take over and whatever comes out just feels natural.

 Images from

Images from

SK: Tell us about your street art process. Is it fluid or is it more about replicating your sketches?
B: In a way I replicate sketches and ideas, but when I’m painting on a wall its more fluid, no solid structure to follow, just grab an initial idea and let it evolve. I feel when I paint I start by looking at a sketch and then it takes on a new life on the wall.

SK: Who have you enjoyed collaborating with over the years?
B: Well of course that would be Jumbo. The collaboration process feels so natural with Jumbo, when we paint a wall we just go for it in a freestyle manner and it always works out how we want it. It's a real pleasure to find another artist you can connect with on the same level.

 Bafcat and Jumbo in Camperdown, Sydney

Bafcat and Jumbo in Camperdown, Sydney

SK: What is your art collection like?
B: My art collection varies quite a lot, from artworks from artist like Shida, Mr Penfold, Roach, Tom Ferson, and Cupco, to a collection of vinyl art toys from Kozik, Ron English, Craola and more, to comic book art like screenprints and posters.

SK: What do you have coming up in the near future?
B: The future I see another solo show possibly at the end of the year, I’m working on ideas about multi-verses, I’m planning on making a comic from some of my characters I just need to get the story to where I want it, and to paint more walls and also travel.

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~ Interview by Ben Frost