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New Print Release 'Fading' by Cezar Brandao

Aaron Craig

 detail of 'Fading' by Cezar Brandao

detail of 'Fading' by Cezar Brandao

Brazillian artist Cezar Brandao has been making waves recently with his unique style of digital portraiture and we're excited here at to be working with him on his latest print release. We caught up with him to talk more about his inspiration and thoughts on the digital revolution:

Tell us about the artwork for your new print release 'Fading'.
Fading was a 'weird' one, I was going for something that I had in my mind for some time -  and in the end it turned out completely different from what I had in mind. It's funny because I wasn't going to post it on the internet, but I did and to my surprise people really liked it.
The title explains it all, "Fading" - I find myself right now trying to run from something that happened a year ago, and it's slowly fading away: a girl that I am trying to erase from my mind. Everything is one color and just her face have colors and details, because she's slowly fading.

'Fading' by Cezar Brandao

Your process is very unique, tell us briefly about how you make your images.
My process is very simple actually, I start doing a 3D Sculpture in Zbrush, paint there and give all the colors there. After that I export the image to Photoshop and then finish the image there, change colors, saturation, light, etc... I try to see like I am a photographer and there's a model there posing for me, trying to talk with me, so I just take the photo and finish in Photoshop.

Where do you get your inspiration for the female subjects that you use - are they based on real people?
I see a lot of fashion photos, models, etc.. but all of my pieces are based on my own feelings about girls. I am a very 'lonely' person and I don't let people get into my life easily.  When I do (use a model) it's because I really like the girl, even if she doesn't know - and that gives me fuel and inspiration to do a new piece.  I put all that feeling in a new piece and for most of them I use the girl as reference for the potrait.  Sometimes I make quite a few pieces based on the same girl.

What is your experience with the evolution of digital/computer based artwork in recent years?
I think it's amazing, I used to work just with pencils and paper and after some years they created Zbrush and then I started using that to do what I do today. This evolution of digital art introduced me to a new world where it let me do what I always had in mind. But I still love traditional pieces, and now I am trying to learn oil painting, because I really want to do some traditional pieces. But I will never stop doing digital pieces, because of the speed and control you have over things, you can really go crazy and try a lot of different things and experiment with different elements because of the speed that it allows you.

 'Patience' by Cezar Brandao

'Patience' by Cezar Brandao

What is your art collection like?
I want to start one now, I was traveling a lot was in USA then Australia never had a "home". Now I think I can start a collection really, but what I have is  a lot of books from different artists.

You live quite a distance from us - what are your thoughts about Australia? 
I lived in Melbourne for a year, and I love Australia. Everyone I met there were really nice, chilled, and I had a really good time. My dream is one day to live in Australia.

What projects do you have coming up soon?
I will be in a group gallery show this October in San Francisco, California and a feature in a book coming this fall. I'll also be releasing 3 new pieces in October.

Check out 'Fading' by Cezar Brandao HERE

- interview by Ben Frost