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VEXTA - Neon Memento Mori - 'NUDE'

egg - nude front.jpg
egg - nude back.jpg
egg - nude side.jpg
egg with box.JPG
eggs and box.jpg
egg - nude front.jpg
egg - nude back.jpg
egg - nude side.jpg
egg with box.JPG
eggs and box.jpg

VEXTA - Neon Memento Mori - 'NUDE'


Artwork Specifications

  • Hand-painted onto unique reclaimed ostrich egg (USA)
  • Acrylic paint and aerosol stencils
  • There are 3 different variants - 'Nude', 'Marl' + 'Single Gold Leaf'
  • Egg size:  (slight size variations) 4. 5 X 6" to 5 X 6.5"
    (11.5 x 15cm to 13 x 16.5cm)
  • Edition size ('Nude' variant): 4
  • Comes with sturdy wooden display case + plastic stand
  • Display case size: 7 X 7 X 8.5 inch bolted hardwood and plexi slide front (18 x 18 x 21.6cm)
  • Signed and dated by the artist
  • This item ships from New York, USA. 
  • No ostriches were harmed in the making of these artworks
  • Egg is hollow - artwork is complete painted shell
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'Flight Cycle - Neon Memento Mori' explores the duality and essence of life by acknowledging both death and the true freedom life can bring. The neon 'death bird' depicted upon the egg is both alive and dead, an affirmation of where she has come from and from where she will return. She flies free. 

A Limited series of artworks that serves to push the boundaries of the idea of the 'print' as an art object.

Brooklyn NY December / 2014
Mixed media on unique reclaimed Ostrich Eggs (USA) 
No Ostrich died as a result of these artworks

Stencils, templates, acrylic, gold leaf and enamel

Edition of 4 Nude
Edition of 4 Marl
Single Gold Leaf