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1337 - Creature Feature v 3.0


1337 - Creature Feature v 3.0


Artwork Specifications

  • This is a hand embellished, 6 colour stencil
  • Edition of 10 - (3 different color-ways available)
  • Artwork dimensions: 420 x 594mm
  • Aerosol and acrylic on 300gsm paper
  • Signed, titled and editioned by the artist


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Tell us about your new stencil edition

The Creature Feature editions came about from trying to exhaust a process that I have developed over a long time. It stems from making large quantities of hand sprayed stickers, and the beautiful accidents that can come about when I’m not feeling precious about a piece. A lot of my work centers around use of colour, and these three editions are influenced by 70’s psychedelia. Another piece that came about through this process was a finalist in the Stencil Art Prize.

You have an extensive history of making street art over the years, tell us about how and why you started and how things have evolved since then.

I started painting graffiti in high school. I guess like a lot of kids I was drawn to it because it’s something that you’re not supposed to do. I’ve been a skateboarder all my life, so there was plenty of hanging out on the street, getting up to mischief.
In my early 20’s I started using stencils for posters and stickers purely because I could churn out high quantities quickly. As my art practice has developed I’ve refined my work, and I’m happy to use any medium on the street.

What attracts you to the horror icons and themes that you use in your work?

I love old horror movies, and I love that these classic icons are instantly recognizable, whether you are into horror movies or not. I’ve often said that these characters are not unlike myself in many ways – a little worrying, but not to be taken too seriously.

You're involved in a new gallery and studio in Brisbane 'Love, Love' - tell us more about that.

LoveLove is a not for profit, artist run space that has been established for almost 7 years, and I’ve been involved as an artist on and off since it’s inception. It hosts artist studios and a gallery space, and is a great little melting pot of creativity. When I moved from Melbourne back to Brisbane last year the old site was being demolished to make way for apartments, and the directors asked me to come on board and help establish a new site. We’ve been based in Milton in Brisbane for almost a year now, and the rest is history.

I know that you’re an avid collector, tell us about some of the things you collect.

Pretty much nothing is off limits. I drive my girlfriend crazy dragging in something new most days. I guess if I have to narrow it down though what I really keep and eye out for are 1960’s and 70’s paintings and prints and kitschy ornaments from the 1950’s. Ashtrays. Pulp novels. Taxidermy.

You’ve recently gone back to university to study art, how is that experience informing your current practice?

I’m thoroughly enjoying the university experience, and being pushed in directions that I wouldn’t normally have taken myself. I feel that I’m starting to break down self imposed boundaries in regards to my work. Even though I’ve been exhibiting work for over a decade and have developed a steady art practice, I’m still excited to move into unknown territory and try new projects with new people and new mediums.

What projects or exhibitions do you have coming up in the future?

At the moment university keeps me pretty busy, but I’m constantly producing work and I’m aiming for a solo show for mid next year. Moving into LoveLove’s second year at this location is also pretty exciting as the area is going through a lot of growth at the moment, and I’ll be curating several shows in the new year.

Interview by Ben Frost